In the essay "New Players on The World Stage", William Antholis gave us an idea of just how large these "emerging markets" are. Obviously, two of the largest developing countries in the world are China and India. According to Antholis, in order to roughly match the combined population of China and India we need to take the US, add Mexico and Brazil plus the rest of North and South America, then add the 500 million people living in the European Union and then multiply the total by two! As massive as they are, India and China are but two of the countries that belong to this category. There are also (comparatively) smaller giants such as Brazil, Russia, and Indonesia.

One of the defining characteristics of these markets is the lack of subsidized pricing. Due to the absence of artificial pricing (or lack thereof) consumers in these markets often have markedly different perspective on mobile devices compared to their developed markets counterparts.

This site aims to bring this emerging market perspective to the world. Representing the views of consumers in the emerging markets as well as allowing people in the developed markets to get a better understanding of the realities emerging market consumers face on a daily basis.

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