Thursday, May 9, 2013

I think it does not matter who will win the smart watch battle, because I don't think that's where the future is. Here's why:
How many of you who are reading this still use wristwatches? There's a reason why the number of watch users are dwindling, it's because they've been made redundant by the advent of devices like the smartphone that allow users to do many things with a single device.
No matter how smart the impending crop of new smart watches will end up to be, due to their inherent limitations, they will still not be able to do as much as your smartphones can.
Why would this generation of tech users, who had been obsessed about having devices that can do more and more , be suddenly interested in getting a device that ,by design will be capable of doing less than the device they already have?
Of course one can argue that these smart watches are never intended to be stand alone devices, instead they're supposed to complement the devices that people already has. To those who are thinking to use this argument, allow me too ask you a question:
What can a smart watch do that a couple of widgets on the home screen of your smart phones can't do? How much more convenient it could possibly be to check notifications and updates on a watch as opposed to reaching for your pockets to do it on your smart phone instead? After all you'd still need to use your phones of you want to do anything about those notifications.
Wake up people, the smart watch is not and will not be the life and game changing device you're looking for; Google's glass though, might just be it.
Why Apple Will Win The Battle For Your Wrist